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Future Leaders Program

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The Future Leaders program is described as a counselor in training program designed for young teens to learn the responsibilities of becoming a summer program counselor in the future. Teens who have completed 9th grade and up, or are age 15 or older are eligible for this program.  

Future Leaders will be responsible for assisting in daily activities with the summer programs.  Participants will be required to attend all orientation sessions, dates to be announced at their interview, and staff meetings as well as be available for 5 of the 6 weeks that the summer program is being conducted, which is July 2nd – August 9th (closed July 4th) to be in the Future Leader Program.

Future Leaders will be placed at the different programs conducted by the Clifton Recreation Department including: Tots-O-Fun, Allsport and the 2 locations of Summer Days in the Park.  Future Leaders do not get to select the program or location they will be working at for the summer and will be notified of their placement at staff training.  Participants of the Future Leaders Program must be able to get to all programs being conducted; no switching sites will be permitted.

All participants registered in the Future Leaders Program will be asked to come in for an interview to acquaint them with the procedures of applying for a real job and to see if this program is the best fit for them.  Participants will be required to submit a letter of recommendation from a coach, employer or teacher at their interview. Enrollment for this program is limited to 15 participants only. All Future Leaders selected will be required to attend staff training at the Community Recreation Center, 1232 Main Ave. and the school site they are assigned to for training on July 1st.  Exact dates & times will be given during interviews.

Each trainee will receive a mid-summer and final evaluation of their performance by the Site Director / Sports Instructors and Youth Development Coordinator.  A personal consultation will accompany each evaluation to help the Future Leaders learn more about their performances and provide an opportunity for them to discuss any concerns or questions they may have encountered.  A file will be kept on each participant of the Future Leaders Program and maintained at the Recreation Department.

The cost of the program is $55.00 (Residents Only), which includes two T-shirts.  Future Leaders are eligible to attend weekly trips on Wednesdays with the Summer Days in the Park program (even if they are assigned to a different program) for their enjoyment (not as a work day).  Future Leaders must pre-pay for each trip that they wish to attend.  If a Future Leader decides not to attend a Wednesday trip, then they do not work that day.  All other trips (i.e. Camp Hope, Bowling, Summer Luau, Park Olympics, Summer Picnic or Tots-O-Fun trips) are considered work days for the Future Leaders in which they do not pay additional fees.  Trips can be paid online up until 12:00 midnight on the Sunday before each trip.  Payment can be made by credit or debit card online, or you can pay by cash or check at the Recreation Office. If you do not pre-register for trips, payment for that week's trips can be made Monday at City Hall or online until  2:00 p.m. on Monday and you will incur a $5.00 late fee.  The one exception to the previous rules is the Summer Days in the Park trip to High Exposure; that trip must be paid by July 24th and a separate waiver must be completed for your child to attend. Once you pay for the trip, you are registered. 

The Future Leaders Program Summer registration for 2019 will be conducted online.
  If you do not have access to a computer at home, you can come into the Recreation Department and use one of our computers.  Visit for registration procedures. Registration for this program ends June 10th.

Additional Information:
Please note, the schools do not have air conditioning and the majority of the day is spent outdoors for program activities.

Request for Summer Aides:
If you feel your child is in need of an aide to assist / shadow them at the summer programs, request this service, through the Recreation Department, by June 7th. Assignments will be made based on a review of your child’s I.E.P., 504 and results of an interview. This will help determine the best strategy to assist your child in having a memorable and safe summer. All requests (and I.E.P., 504 submissions) must be done by June 7th in order to allow time for interviews and hiring of staff. Once the summer program begins, aides cannot be hired.

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